Vacationing at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Theme Parks

When you are on a theme park vacation the best thing to keep in mind is that you cannot possibly do it all and stay sane. Get the most out of your visit while still saving some time and money. Check out these tips to the parks, discounts, and planning your Walt Disney World or Universal Studios vacation.

Make the most of your stay and 'keep it in perspective'!

  • Avoid meltdowns, fights and tantrums. Remember that you will more than likely go home with the same people you came with so keep a reasonable pace, have a flexible plan and be willing to do some activities separately.  Take turns with the kids, go on a date (most places have camps and childcare available) and most importantly allow kids, adults and seniors to take care of their needs and interests by doing things in smaller groups, taking breaks and varying schedules.
  • Don’t fall into the ‘get it all done’ trap. Remember that you don’t have to get every single ride or activity done in order to get the best value. 
  • Plan ahead! Your best offense is planning.  Make meal reservations, show reservations and purchase your tickets before you arrive. 
  • Check show times and park hours.  Most of the parks have variations on their hours based on the season, what is happening at the other parks and the days of the week. Have an idea of which parks you will do on certain days based on their hours and nighttime activities. 
  • Take some ‘time off’ and build in ‘chill time’. If you are staying multiple days take some time away from the parks.  Take advantage of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios hotel/resort amenities and other local attractions.
  • Look for the free stuff!  Walking around Downtown Disney and Universal’s City Walk is free.  Window shop, see street performers, hear live music and let the kids play in the outdoor fountains, playgrounds and kid friendly climbing sculptures.
  • Take the pressure off!  Save some activities, parks and rides for your next Orlando Florida theme park vacation.