Top 10 Orlando Florida Family Vacation Theme Park Safety Tips

1. If you have young children or you are going in a group, consider wearing the same colored t-shirts or hats so you can easily keep track of each other.  Have fun and pick up bright colored matching t-shirts or hats before you go. You can have a family slogan cheaply printed on your t-shirts or hats. These make wonderful souvenirs to keep after your vacation.

2. Tag any bags, strollers, wheelchairs and motorized scooters with the same colored ribbon, string or luggage tag (take some extras from the airport).  If you are renting a stroller, motorized scooter or wheelchair from Universal Studios or Disney World, they all look alike!  Tagging your equipment will help you keep track of your ‘transportation’ when it has to be parked outside of a ride.

3. Everyone needs to carry some walking around money.  Travel pouches are easy to keep track of and can be worn like a necklace and can carry money, ID and emergency information.

4.  Crowds can be disconcerting for parents and young children. For safety, keep young ones in a stroller and/or use child harnesses.

5.  Divide up into smaller pairs or groups so that different interests and needs can be met. 

  • Make plans to check in at certain times or a time and location to meet all together again.

6. Make sure rules are clear and specific for tweens and teens going off on their own:

  • ‘Do not leave Universal Studios or Disney World property under any circumstances.’
  • ‘If you are going to be late for a family check-in time, you must call.’
  • ‘Behave as if an adult were watching you!’

7.  Have everyone or (at least one person in a group) has a cell phone programmed with all of the important numbers they need including Universal Studios or Walt Disney World’s park security, lost and found, and ‘lost parent’ numbers.

8. Your tween or teenager should carry a cell phone at all times in a buttoned pocket (to prevent the phones from falling out on a rollercoaster ride!)

9.  Point out the emergency and ‘Lost Parent’ stations to the children and adults. 

  • There are emergency stations at Universal Studios and Disney World as well as ‘Lost Parent’ stations where your child can go if they get accidentally get separated from you.
  • Show them how to find the stations and who they can ask for help (security and park employees).

10.  Most importantly, relax and have fun.  Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are safe places for families and friends to have a great time. Guest services are helpful can assist you with many of your needs and questions.