Vacationing With Your Teen at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida

A family vacation at Universal Studios Orlando and Walt Disney World Theme Parks can create some of your best family vacation memories. Every family member, no matter what age, enjoys time spent at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida Theme Parks! However, doing some specific planning for your teenager can enhance their experience as well as yours.

8 Theme Park tips for Vacationing with your Teenager

  1. The number one piece of vacation advice for every teenager is this… let them bring a friend to Walt Disney World or Universal Studios! Your teen will be happier having a friend to pal around with and will enjoy the freedom of going off on their own.  You will feel better knowing they can look out for each other and that your teen is not walking around the theme park alone.
  2. Give your teenager extra walking-around money for meals and snacks throughout their day in the park. Growing teenagers should never go hungry on at Universal Studios or Walt Disney World!
  3. When it comes to a Theme park as big as Orlando’s Universal Studios or Walt Disney World you need to have plans for a very specific time and place to meet up with your teen, especially at the end of the day. Clear instructions prevent "communication breakdown."
  4. Explain all vacation rules for Universal Studio and Walt Disney World Florida in advance.
  • Stay in the park and do not leave the park for any reason
  • Identify specific check in times/places either in person or by phone. 
  • Calling is a must if your teen is going to be late!
  1. At Universal Studios Florida and Walt Disney World, equip your teen with ID along with any health-related information (allergies, asthma, and blood type).There are emergency stations at Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.  Written information is very helpful especially if your teen has a chronic condition.
  2. Your teenager should carry a cell phone at all times that stays turned on.  Have them keep their phone in a zippered or buttoned pocket or securely closed bag.  Keeping their cell phone in a water proof baggy is also a good idea especially for water rides.  For water rides, lockers may be a good option to protect their phones, just have them call you before and directly after the ride.
  3. Tell your teen to apply sunscreen on at Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.  Non-greasy sunscreen sticks and spray sunscreen is user friendly and your teenager may be more apt to use and reapply if it is easy.  Make sure your teen understands that wearing sunscreen is a condition for being able to go to the park.  Florida sun is intense and it is easy to get burned.  A sun-burnt teenager is NOT a happy teenager!
  4. Last but not least, schedule some varied activities that you can do with your teen so you all can enjoy some family time together at Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.  Dinners, shows, boat rides or just a day by the pool are great ways to spend time with your teen while they also have time to do things on their own.