Top 5 Ways to Save on an Orlando Florida Theme Park Vacation

There are many ways to save on an Orlando Florida Theme Park Vacation.  A variety of Discount Tickets, Packages and Specials offers your family many ways to save.

Packages and Discount Ticket Tips

1. The Most Wonderful Time of Year is Off-Season
‘Off-season’ is the best time of year to get discount tickets and packages.  In Florida, that means coming when there are less tourists and ‘snowbirds.’  Florida’s busiest times are:

  • Christmas week
  • Thanksgiving week
  • Mid-December through Easter
  • June through mid-August

Theme parks, resorts, hotels and restaurants want to make up the difference during ‘off season’ so many offer packages and discounts during these times.  You may not beat the heat or be able to travel at the most convenient time, but the lines will be shorter, traffic will be lighter and your saving will be greater.

2. Florida Residents
One of the benefits of living in Florida is taking advantage of the Florida Resident offers.  Hotels, Resorts, Theme Parks and local attractions offer discounts on tickets, meals, and accommodations.  Call the park, resort and or hotel directly and ask them what Florida Resident specials and packages they have.  You may be surprised how much you can save.

3. AAA
If you are an AAA member don’t forget to ask anywhere you go if they provide an AAA discount.  Most restaurants, hotels and attractions accept AAA and will offer lower rates if you are a member.  AAA is also a wonderful source for maps, park information, hotel and resort ratings as well as having travel agents help you plan your vacation.  You can purchase theme park tickets usually at a discount in advance. Florida Residents can find discount Florida Resident offers and tickets through AAA as well as taking advantage of the savings and services afforded through their membership.

4. Resort Packages
Universal Studios and Disney World offer fantastic resort packages.  Packages can include:

  • Lodging
  • Tickets
  • Meal Packages
  • Free Theme Park Parking
  • Free Shuttle Service
  • Travel
  • Extra Park Hours at no additional cost
  • Resort Camp (Child Care)
  • Shopping Discounts
  • Fast Pass and Front of the Line Privileges at reduced or no additional fee

Resort agents are available and very helpful in assisting you in planning your vacation.  Some tips for negotiating with the resort agent:

  • Ask for one thing at a time.  For example, first ask for lodging rates. 
  • Be firm and act as if you know exactly what you want.  Soon the questions will begin to ask you if you have your theme park tickets, meal plan, and tickets for area shows etcetera.  Let them offer you extras and packages to sweeten your stay.  Often you can get discount tickets to shows in Downtown Disney and other local attractions. 
  • When they offer you everything you want, ask them if they can do any better on the rate like senior discount, AAA or just because you are staying so many days or purchasing a large package. 
  • Always ask if they can give you a better rate! Haggling works! 

5. Theme Park Meal Deals, Fast Pass and Ticket Specials
Most of the theme parks offer meal packages.  Walt Disney Theme Parks and Universal Studios offer meal packages that are available inside the park as well as the restaurants outside the park in specialized areas like Downtown Disney and Universal River walk.  You can save a lot of money going with the packages.  It includes meals, beverages and snacks at flat rates and discounts at participating restaurants inside and outside of the parks.  Alcohol isn’t included.  Multi-day passes and annual passes are additional ways to save on ticket prices.